That means “Hello” in Finnish. Things have been busy here, but let me start from the beginning…

When we arrived in Finland, it was strait to a BBQ! After a 4hr drive from Helsinki to Lappeenranta, we dug into hotdogs and kebabs at my uncle Terry’s place.

After a few weeks, we went to Sweden where I met and remet a few relatives. We went mini golfing, and to the beach by my grandparents place a few times. But the biggest memories are still to come.

First we went to the west coast of Sweden where we swam in the ocean. Afterwards we went to Gekås, Ullared. A HUGE store that has a clothing, home, hobbies, beauty, toys, and electronics sections, plus supplies for everything! And a cafe. Also dirt cheap prices. At least half the price of your regular store.

Later, we went to a place called Varbergs fastning that is a big fortress from the medieval times. Inside, they have a museum and gift shop. Little cafes and.. a dead man from the 1300’s on display. They found him in the 1940’s in somebody’s backyard, buried underground and preserved with moss.

His hair and nails were still intact and he was still wearing his clothes that he had on when he was killed. Speaking of killed, the stake that killed him was still in his chest. His hair was red and curly, and like I said, intact. They had all this on display, plus parts of his mucsles and brain. Ew! Creepy interesting. This guy was a rich man at the time and may have been a “bad guy.”

They had also made a sculpture of what he may have looked like, and one on how he was killed. you can find out more about this by typing in “Bockstens man.” they have a lot of pictures.

Anyways, we took a ferry there and back and in our newly rented apartment we found out that we all had lice! 6/7 kids! Nice. We had probably got it from the ferry.

Well, we have now been in school since August 17th, and as I write this, it is 9:45pm, 2:45pm there. School’s good, my classmates know really good English, and perfect Finnish, of course.

I miss you all, we’re really busy, and, well, I wish that I could be there right now. Maybe next summer.

❤ Enya and family


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  1. Awesome to read about your adventures, Enya! 🙂
    I guess I should get myself a blog too, so you all could get to know about our life up north! Hope to see you all soon. 🙂 oh, e-mail me! 🙂
    Miss you! Hugs from Nerdy… Hahaha. ❤

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