Well, well…


Finland is CRAZY! They had suspected that this was going to be the coldest winter in Finland in 1000 years. NOT 100, 1000! That’s a colder winter than they had in 1500! Frost has been coming in the last few mornings but the thing that bugs me the most, is that the stupid weatherman expects snow this monday coming up!!! October 11th! Like I said, Finland is crazy.

Secondly, a few weeks ago we went mushroom picking. We found probably 30 cantarell, which are bright orange mushrooms that look like umbrellas flipped upside-down.

And, almost lastly, our house is coming along well, school is good, and the english tests are fairly EASY, noooo, VERY easy. I’m learning finnish, our apartment is finally getting sorted out, and Fall Break is coming up. Something to look forward to.

Now, lastly, I have a slide show, a new-with-more-pictures one! It includes:
– pictures of the forest where we are building our house
– mushroom picking pictures
….and btw, when we went mushroom picking, the air was so clean you could FEEL it.

Sorry is some of the pictures are sideways, I don’t know how to rotate them! And, that brown hill is an ant hill! It is probably 50cm tall, 60cm in diameter! The Mushroom below is very poisonous. One bite, and you MAY die. Very colourful though. I’m not sure if I put this pic in the slideshow, but if you see a mushroom that look slike a ghost on the top, that is also poisonous. VERY poisonous.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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  1. You’re at mummi and pappa’s mökki! Theo and Markus just informed me about that! Anita, you look so cute! So do all of you, by the way.

  2. Yep. Mushroom picking. They have many edible mushrooms in the wild. That’s they way folk are here… I personally don’t care for mushrooms myself… but ya know… it’s kinda fun picking them. We never fried them. They had so much frost they shriveled up quickly.

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