We have snow, as you guys all know. ( I did NOT mean that as a rhyme or anything). Today the skies are sunny and it is -16c. Cold. You will need all your winter gear today folks. Well, I won’t be outside and I’m not at school. I have strept throat, and will be home today and perhaps tomorrow. NOT cool.

Yesterday we went to Kotka, a city that is an hour and a half from where we live. We went shopping at the mall there. When we got home, my mom took me to the emergency room at the Hospital. We came home past 11 at night from the Hospital. Talk about late!

Outside our apartment, we have a boat canal. It was hidden by trees in the fall, but now since they’ve dropped thier leaves,and are covered with snow; we can see the boats passing by much better. It is really pretty. I’ll have to take a picture and post it up here of the boats going by.

Well, g2g now. But, 1 more thing… notice that I’ve been adding posts more often? It is so that you check up here more often so we can get…
1000 views before 2011!

C’mon, give more peeps our address! we need these views increasing!!!



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    • I keep on forgetting to tell people about this blog. But you have to give me/us a list of names to who you want us to tell them about this post.

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