Dear Diary …


I was just outside with the little guy. He loves to be out there in the snow! Gave him a sled ride and he was just pumped! Infact, I had to go out with him 5 extra minutes because he completley freaked out from me coming in with him. Now I’m all sweaty and hungry, but being out there felt sooo good! Any snow in Canada/US yet? It was snowing here(again) today. Not much, but some of the flakes were really big! And no, I wasn’t one of them. Did that just make sense?
Well, I gotta eat something.

Remember to check up 2 times a day or so! I really need 300 more views in the next month! C’mon, this is THE motto that you need to live by…
a thousand views on hulkfam; before two thousand ee-le-van.
Thank you. o! And, today (well right now, 3:30pm) it is… -13c and halfway dark. It’ll probably be dark in 1/2 an hour. aka, 4pm.
That’s it for today folks… (or at least for now)

anita... baking.

Tell me if the pic don’t show up.
Coming soon: A long(ish) article
and after that…
‘Christmas and winter’ an all new slideshow of the snow in Lappeenranta, Finland


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  1. I LOVE Anita’s baking face. It almost looks like her normal face! Just, next time she needs to stick out her toungue, and then it’s all good. It was around -1 today, and htere were mild flurries. Good of you to make more posts! I will definitely check every day (Not that I don’t try) if you keep it up. Hey, maybe you can even e-mail me this much! Then again, you can use this as the e-mail. Well, then Anita needs to e-mail me more. Man this is getting long, but I had to just write. After all, this is the first comment on this post!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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