Dear diary…


Well, today at school I didn’t do school… does that make sense???

What I mean, is that we spent the day in the middle school all day to see what it was like.  Really fun!  It has 4 floors tho… The cafeteria is alot different than ours.  We had a spelling test in the mornign, and then 3/4hrs at the big kid skool.  We had swedish, geography and study period at the middle school.  It was pretty fun. like I already said… although I needed translation, I made it through the day.  At the end of the day, we had half of our usual time for handwork class.  But still 5omin. (handwork class- sewing, knitting, crocheting, hammering, sawing, etc. etc.)

  next week at school, for gym, we will start skating and have that as our gym unit until Christmas Break.  After that, it is skiing! Yikes! This is my friends’ 7th or 8th year of skiing and my 1st… wish me luck.

Anyways, I have nothing else otherthan that we went to our girl club in the apartment basement today, (like every Thursday evening), and had a little Christmas party. We exchanged 2€ gifts. which is around $3.  Next week, we will go to a huge Christmas party with a bunch of other clubs. FUN!

Well, that’s it…



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  1. Oh, that is so cool that you get to learn Swedish too. I totally forgot that it’s a second language in Finland. So, yeah – cool that you get the opportunity to learn more languages.

    Skiing…yeah. I think you’ll do great. I’ve had a pair of skis for some years, but I’ve just started to learn how to ski. And, I’m nerdy-thirty!! 🙂

    Well, I’ll keep checking your blog as often as I can.

    Keep blogging! 🙂

  2. I love to see all that you are doing! You are a very bright gitld Enya! And thanks for thinking of this to share with all of us that miss you all sooooo very much! xoxoxo

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