Hey! I know that I have said this probably a thousand times, but we really need a thousand views. Share our address, get in th eChristmas spirit and GIVE!
GIVE!Our address to any one I talked to at school
GIVE!Our address to any one I hung out with at school
GIVE!Our address… ooo nevermind. You know what I mean… 1000 views isn’t that important… considering what I just watched.

I just watched a video on my mom’s facebook about this man that had an education, a job, everything he wanted, but gave it up to care, hug, feed and clean all the people in his hometown in India. Everyday for the past 8years, he has cared for these people that are treated by other people like dirt. They are ignored, and they are human beings just like us! How come we have everything we will ever need, but still waste some of it, and ask for more. These other people are wishing to be washed up, and wishing to have a drink of water! These people can’t read! Now… what do you want for Christmas???

if you enjoyed reading this post, LIKE IT! RATE IT 5 STARS!
Let’s see how many of those we can rack up….

Gotta go! ‘Bye!
Your friend in Finland


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