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Hey! Do you like the snow falling on our blog? I think that it is rreeeeeaalllly cool. After dinner I am going to Lappeenranta UimaHalli.
PS… Ask Jenna where I’m going—-(like the translation to it.)

Enya. Gotta go. (eat= potatoes and beefsauce)


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  1. kay everyone, since no one has asked me, I will just tell you on this blog. It basically means swimming pool. You are all welcome guys…. I like feeling appreciated. I don’t feel like posting this, cause it is gonna break the pattern. (2 hulkfams, 2 jennas, 2 kristinas, 2 hulkfams, 2 jennas.) What? I DO NOT have math on my brain. It’s just… never mind. You guys probably think I am weird already anyways. So I just won’t say anything. Enya, you understnad, though, right? I knew you would!!! 🙂 Enya, You will be getting your christmas presents hopefully after christmas. I have a bit of money saved up already to go to Finland in the summer. I’m gonna go bake for Anni and Lauri sometime soon this week, make more money. 🙂 🙂 🙂 (always a good thing!!!)

  2. HELLO! I just NOW found out about your blog??? Some niece you are….. 🙂 I am pumped to ream about your daily adventures. How is the Finnish going? Do you enjoy the school? Are the guys having crushes on you over there as well? hehee..
    Love from Washington. I don’t update my blog near as often as you do.
    Auntie Annelie

    • And I just now found out about YOUR blog??? Some aunt you are…. Finnish is good… I don’t think any guys like me..yet. School is also nice, but I CAN’T wait until Christmas break.

      • Hmmmm…. Are you sure no guys like you? Like mustard person whatever you called him? I am pretty sure there are at least 3 guys that like you. this is my millionth or so post.

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