This is REALLY  quickish. Here is a story.

Once upon a time I made a vlog. I mean, blog. A time after, my mom made a facebook account. As she made it, I was trying to get 1000 views on my blog made in April 2010. Then, with the help of Mother’s Facebook account, we got 108 views overnight! wow!!! We are now at 969views and counting… How? My mom posted a link on facebook telling everyone about how great I am and how Imy blog deserves more attention and.. and I’m getting carried away. But I’m sure that you get the idea. I am positive that we CAN get 1000 views by 2010… just keep on checking up on us!!!

Don’t forget to check out our cluster map… new places are popping up all over.

well, maybe not. I haven’t checked it yet myself but I’m sure of it.  Gonna go check it now. One last thing…



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  1. Mom’s facebook friends… Pah! It’s because I set my gmail status to promote this site, my dear! Looks like you’re approaching 1000 hits rapidly! Great! What would you & your family want from here if I send a package? Any candy you miss?

  2. 1022 hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder there were so many hits!!!!! I wondered about that!!! 1022 HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Now at 1041… Hey, when I checked in the mmorning before school, there were 1022 hits… So you probably got on, like, not even an hour after! (How is that possible?) Well, I am going to a christmas party today, leaving in, like, 10 or so minutes. PLEASE e-mail me soon. I know, I am being lazy, not writing YOU an e-mail, but at least I am typing longish comments. Wait. You just checked your blog! 😮 Well, not just and just, cause it’s, like, 2:37 right now, but you get what I mean! I love the falling snow on this blog. I HAVE GOT to go over to Anni and Lauri’s to earn more money… Oh, I just heard my dad yelling that we are leaving. I better type faster. I have to send you an e-mail. I will try to send one on Monday, instead of writing tons on the comments area. Kay, anyways, bye!!!

  3. oh, sorry, I haven’t answered that yet. But, yeah, the one that the girls at church hold. Sorry, I have to learn to check all of these posts, just in case there are things like this.

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