1022!!!!! I got home from school and immediately checked out the blog. 1022 hits!!! Yee-Haaaa!

I am very happy for this, as you may guess. Maybe you can tell.  I will be setting up a slideshow in a bit.  Just gotta take a few more pics… and finish a big report for homework…..drag

That’s it folks!!!


Enya H

YOUR Finland friend/niece/ daughter of Kaisa…..


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  1. Well, that dousn’t mean that you stop posting stuff on your blog!!! JK. We have a snow day today!!!!!!! SNOW DAY! YES!!! But of course I am going to school. The other option is to stay home and clean. Yuck. >:P
    Anyvaays, goot bye. I vill goh toh schuuule.

  2. Nice to read about your initial experiences from Finland. Haven’t had time to look at this earlier. I’m your mothers cousin. Perhaps we will meet during your trip to the north for Christmas. I have suggested a short coffee brake at our place for your grandparents as well as your parents. It would be nice to meet you all. Surely we will show up in Lappeenranta at some point in the future. Tervetuloa Suomeen. Välkommen till Finland. Hoppas mamma lärt dig svenska.

  3. O.K., Enya, the person who si tied to be my fave cousin with all the other 30 or some cousins…. I almost understood the swedeish!!!!! I bet if I took swedish classes, I would pick it up as you are picking up fonnish. GOTTA GO!!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh, I knw it!!! But I wondered why he was sayong welcome to Finland, if you were in Finland. What do you mean, Nora and Minna’s latest?

      • They have to add AA-AAAH to the end of everyones names. I am Enya-AAH, Anita is Anita-AAH, Angelina Angelina-AAH and so on… They only do it if they are mad at you though. I wasn’t mad at U of course…

      • Well, unfort this is the only place I am able to write a comment, the other spots are not working. I need your phone number!!!! Obviously, you guys are busy. When you can, though, e-mail me. What are you talking about you weren’t mad at me? Of course you were. Now things are back to normal! You mad at me, we’re getting ready to travel…. JK!! Do Nora and Minna really still remember me? How sad if they don’t. Like, if, as the year goes on, Minna forgets… I think I will really have to come over there in the summer… I have a bit of money saved up… So dous Meg, by the way, if Anita wants to know…. We are leaving tomorrow to the Sault. The whole fam will be there. Hope u r having fun over there…. Miss ya tons…..Espicially when we are at Mummi and Pappa’s and it is just our family…It has always been ‘Is terho and Kaisa gonna be there?’ ‘Well, of course!’ That actually really what happened everytime we went over for a B-day… Hey, we went to Teemu and Numps’s birthday party yesterday. Anyways. I have to send you the funniest video ever. Ta-ta!

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