Christmas at Kesämäen Koulu


Our school just had a Christmas play.  We had Lucia, 2 elf dances, and a little thing with 4 boys in my class talking about the birth of Jesus.  Well, more like acting out King Herod an dthe 3 wise men.  I think.  After preforming the play, (twice), it was tim efor the crew to go eat puuro. AKA, porridge.  Christmas porridge.  Many kids brought sleds, all of the families ate puuro, there were many door prizes, and one family even won a Christmas ham!!!  Another thing that got my sisters all excited was that there were horse rides.  All of the girls had rides except me.  And no, I wasn’t scared, I was simply wearing dressy clothes.  That is all.  Minna won a pin board from the door prizes, Nora some hairthings and beads, Anita a hat and Sarah got the best. SHE WON A DINNER FOR TWO!!! Mom’s comment:  thanks Sarah, me and pappa can really put this to good use. My friend Karin gave me her prize, a 24 or so pieced puzzle of Lappeenranta!!!  She said that it was an early Christmas gift.  Thanks Karin!!!

  What is everyone over there doing for Christmas. (USers and Canadians).  We are goin gup to Northern Sweden for Christmas (Gällivare) and Northern Norway for New Year. (Ballangen), [or something like that…]

Our little guy is finally starting to take some steps(10 tops), and LOVES all the attention that he gets from it.  The guy is BIG though, and he has ORANGE hair.  I  think that the insides of his feet are really potatoes.  Anything you guys want to know?  Just comment it.

I am taking all questions, since I don’t have much more to write about unless you want to hear about our weather everyday. (Today was -15 and snowy, but not windy. Clouds in the sky.) 

See ya! (In a year or so… hopefully sooner)

Enya H, your Finland friend.


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  1. YOU are a dinner for two! You are hilarious. Me n my friend talked about your impressive blog. Friends = Annica Paso (your mom’s cousin) and Krissa. Anyway, I was gonna come on here today to tell you you’re being a slacker in posting, but you just saved the day by having a new post for me to read! Thank You, thank you! 🙂

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