Christmas 2010


Hey everyone! On Saturday, we had a Christmas with my grandparents from Sweden.  I got the usual candy, and some really cute clothes.  But the best was that I got a TOUCHSCREEN PHONE! It is the Nokia 5230. VERY NICE.

You can find a picture of the phone on google pictures. Awesome phone! This picture is from the website

Isn’t it nice? It came with 3 different covers for the back, silver, blue and pink. It has a camera and came with 2 games. 1 dumb one and 1 really nice one. Anita and Angelina also got their own phones, the same as me.  Only minehas 1 thing different, INTERNET!!! I can check my email, download games and update my blog through my phone. YIPPEEEEE!



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  1. Awesome gifts girl! My package isn’t sent yet… :/ But then, you’ll get it in January! 🙂
    Merry Christmas, Enya! ❤

      • i mean awaiting
        kay, anyways, you should totally look at that animal video on a comuter. It is the funniest thing alive.
        For all of you that don’t know, I just talked to Enya on the phone, and she is supposed to be on the blog right now. But, knowing her, she just might be shopping right now. Afetr all, there are a lot of places to shop where she is staying in the hotel. She is on the way to Gallinvara, or however you spell it. That’s right, Enya, you were too late to tell everyone. But, they will still see your post(if you are rally going to do one) first. And you will be able to tell them more details. You can probably guess why I put scary ghost stories for my name. O.K., now just hurry up and get these posts moderated!!!!

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