Greetings from Ballangen!


Well, we are now in Norway. Sweden was great, and we even saw a little of the northern lights. I am now at my cousins house, a family of 7 boys. great. 6 girls vs 8 boys. (Mika makes it 8 guys and 6 girls). We are goign to see fireworks tonight for New Years after we go to meetings at church, which start at 17:00 or 5pm. The fireworks start at midnight, so we will have plenty of time to see them. I am VERY excited. Somedays in Gællivare it was -30degrees celcious! It was so cold that the second you stepped outside you would start coughing it was so cold! Here in Ballangen, Norway it is right around 0.  It feels soo much warmer!!!

     Mika is starting to walk ALOT! The longest that he has walked without falling is 2 and a half metres or so. I am getting very excited about that to, but am sure that I will NOT be as excited in a few months, when he gets into stuff EVEN more.  He just recently emptyed out a cupboard in the kitchen. The funniest thing Mika does is what he does to not get attention. It gets him even more attention. He closes his eyes and then blinks them like crazy and crinkles up his nose and does this thing with his mouth to make it look like a jellybean. HILARIOUS!!! If he is shy, he puts one shoulder, (usually his left one), as close as he can to him to ‘get away’ from the scary person, and then lifts his head upo and squeezes his eyes shut.

    Minna has some really bad leg problems, but my mom has been working with her legs and doing excersises with them so Minna can  now jump! She wasn’t able to jump properly before, but within a few days, she could jump using  just some effort. She is VERY proud about herself, especially since she can walk on her tiptoes. THAT is the coolest for her.

    For Christmas from her Godmother, my mom’s oldest sister Mia, the mom of the 7 boys, Nora got a super cute outfit that she is ABSOLUTELY pumped about. It is a knitted grey dress, with t-shirt sleeves, that has some flowers at the top. It is knee length. She also got sparkley pink stockings and a knitted pink button down sweater. VERY Nora.

  Sarah, Angelina, Anita and I got some candy, a lipgloss each, some body lotion/shower gel and bodyspritz each, from Mia and Viggo, Nora’s Godparents. (The parents of the 7 boys.)

Well, that about wraps everything up. I canb’t really think of much more to say. ( Other than that there were many people at the Gællivare church, etc.).  So that’s it. Happ new year to all over there and here!!!!



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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!! As I’m writing this the fireworks are still going wild outside – it’s just past midnight! We’re just at home and all kids are sleeping (lucky parents!) but we’ve had some julmust and creme brulee to celebrate.
    I wish we could’ve been there with you all travelling to the family everywhere! Tell your mamma to let me know when the package I sent arrives. Gott Nytt År!!

  2. Um, hello? you went to Norway and Sweden! I just got 20 rahaat. You know what that is. Not the right way to say it, but who cares? Youre the one in Finland. 😛 Haha. you have to be grammatically correct. I am going with Anni and Lauri to church tomorrow. Leaving right now.

    • and besides, what is up with the o with two dots on top of it? Can you be any more weird? Uh, sorry, you can. Take that back. Don’t even try to be anymore weird. thanks, gtg

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