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Well, now I am in Dokkas, which is 30min away from Gällivare. I spent last night and will spend this night at my aunt&uncle’s house with their kids and the rest of my fam.  In Ballangen, for New Year’s, there were fireworks all over the place. On New Year’s eve, of course. You couldn’t look in any direction without seeing fireworks. My aunt and uncle with the 7boys live at the top of a hill, so you could see everywhere. The neighbours had fireworks shooting for an hour or so, and there were fireworks being shot off the mountain tops. I will post pictures of the mountains, fjords and fireworks once I get back in Finland tomorrow through my phone, since internet on my cellphone is really expensive in countries other than Finland. ( I took all the pics on my phone).

  Yesterday when we were travelling up to Dokkas from Ballangen, we stopped by the ice hotel. It is a really cool place!!! We didn’t see it all, since tickets were really spendy. We got to check out the ICEBAR/Restaurant though. I’ll put pics of that up too. After the ICEHOTEL, we went to see reindeer. There were 2 reindeer, and they were really tame. We bought a bag of reindeer food(lichen), to feed them. I’ll try to put up pics of those too.

  On the same ground as the reindeer, there was the ‘State Church’ which turned 400 in 2009. We got to go inside there too, and it was very cozy. The organ in there was HUGE.

 Also, there was an ‘outdoor museum’ where you could learn all about the Lapps/Sami people from the present and past. They had Lappish/Sami clothing and houses out there, that you could go inside and learn about. That was really cool.  I have a few pictures of that that I can also post, but I don’t have many because it was so cold outside that my phone/camera stopped working for some time. Be prepared for another slideshow coming up…

Enya Hulkkonen, a young traveller of Scandinavia…




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  1. HEY!
    sorry i havent been on your blog lately… 😦
    but dont worry ill go on it more often 🙂
    – aliza the great! ;P

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