You see, I am the kind of person that is always breaking resolutions… cough cough, Annelie…

       I haven’t been blogging lately for several reasons, school, helping around the home, my physiotherapy excercises and skating. Skating has taken up most of it. In the last 24hours, I have skated 4 times… plus having visitors over yesterday.  Skating was fun like always, and wasn’t actually useless. I have taught myself how to skate backwards, ‘make makara’, turn ‘sideways’ and KIND OF skate on one leg. Plus, I have boy skates to make it easier.  Nora tried skating her first time this winter and she has a BIG talent for it! Very talented at skating. She just goes… and goes… and goes… Today it was -15c so we didn’t skate as long as always. ONLY 2 and a half hours or so. Plus a rest for apples and crackers and cookies. 

       While we are skating, this is probably what is going on at home… Mika walking around the place, hunting for trouble; and my mom and Minna, baking bread together using the non-hand mixer that my mom’s dad got my mom for Christmas. Minan loves to use the mixer! She is the one controlling it. My mom looks at the bread, watching it mix. Then, Minna cranks it up to the ‘power’ switch and my mom lets her do that for a few seconds before saying ‘Minna, turn the speed down.’ Minna replies ‘Ok’ and turns it down down to speed one. 30 seconds pass. ‘Ok Minna, that’s good’ and Minna turns off the mixer. SHE LOVES THAT THING!!! Uh, that’s Minna. NOT my mom. I mean sure, my mom likes it, but you know what I mean…

       I think that that’s about it…



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  1. Pthhhhhrrrrptrtrrrrrtph. That was me blowing a rasberry at you. I already asked you before. In the looong e-mail that you so kindly answered in two sentences (cough, cough) you didn’t answer me on What Physiotherapy? I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I wish you could make the font larger) I have half a ticket to Finland!!! My dad siad I could figure out when I want to go now, and find my ticket and stuff…… And I still have 5 months to try and make more money. For spending, and also for my end of year gradtrip, in case we still have to pay quite a bit for it. I want to go on that too!I kindof wish you could be two people at once, even though that would be confusing….. Hey, I just got a good idea for a book! Anyways, I want to be 2 people-mmmmm, finnish chocolate-at once cause I want to live in Finland and in Canada.

    • I would never be able to save that much. WAY TO GO JENNA!!! I will be on the lookout(search for) tickets for you. What month do you plan to leave? BTW, you should stay here for at LEAST 3 and a half weeks. My summer break starts in the first week of June… My physiotherapy… for my back. One side is higher than the other. Probably mostly from carrying mike. (Mika). I am going to save 100€ for the summer to spend on a day out with you. We can eat and shop at the Galleria, go on a tour of Lappeenranta on the ‘tour tractor’ and go to HiekkaLinna. I AM SO EXCITED! I CAN’T WAIT! I HAVE to make a countdown chart til the last day of school… Wow this is a long comment. Are you going to come here with Mummi and Pappa or Debbie and Meg???


      • I’m not sure who I am ccoming with. Probably with my dad. I can hardly write cause theo is squishing me off the chair and… oh , finally. Oh, yeah, I’m planning on staying in Finland for however long until someone flys back. Preferably I want to fly out the day your school starts.(Even though that would be impossible.) I still can’t beleive you PUT A POST UP just because I have half the ticket. So, now I am saving up money for spending there. Gots @ Go, Jenna E. A. Hulkkonen, one of your fave cousins. (Hopefully the fave of faves)

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