YAHOO for JENNA!!!(and Me)


One of my favourite cousins, JENNA E.A HULKKONEN, has saved her half of a ticket here!!! If I don’t post often, it is because I am finding a ticket for her…

Your favourite,



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  1. You actually posted that up? Aaaaawwwwwww, how sweet! I will let you knowmif I find a ticket. So….. I rated this post 5 stars. I wish I could rate it 14646363677542685456 stars. I just wrote a random number, by the way.

  2. Dude, you, like, so need more pics up here. I’m dying.
    I can’t survive without seeing Mika and Minnas and Nras and Saras and Angelinas and Anitas and Ypurs and Kaisas and Terhos faces. Oh, and you should, like, totally get pics up of Marla and your friends and stuff.

  3. Today is a sort of snow day. I said sort of, because it isn’t snowing, the roads are apparently icy. That would be in Essex. It rained last night or something, and it’s freeing cold, so we are going to have a ‘snow day’ Of course, we’re going to school. Either that or stay home and do chores. Ooooo fun.

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