Pictures… for Jenna.


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Hopefully this works…


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  1. Neah was like, Nora, my best friend….(no-ah my beht fwen) Minna my best friend…(Minna my beht fwen) SHE DIDN’T KNOW WHO SARAH< ANGELINA ANITA OR YOU WERE!!!!! But once we told her she was like, oooh. Enna, Annina, Mui, an Saja!

    • Aaaawwwwh! I wish you guys were here sooo much. You have to move here! I miss you all too much! C’mon, hurry up and come here. Do it for my sake. Even if you only move here for a year, I would laugh I be so excited. C’mon, I need to see all of you! HURRY UP AND MOVE HERE!!! btw… im on da skools laptops rite now… gotta do Finnish work…

      ‘bye. Enya.

      last 2 cents…I’ll post more pictures soon. Do you like the ones I just posted???

  2. okay. You know what? I even checked it. So, just don’t blame me. I am not at fault, even though I was the one that typed the e-mail address in. What was wrong with it? Oh yeah, you can’t see the e-mail address, right? The kids and my dad are gonna go swimming…
    Gotta go

    • Actually, I CAN see the emails and website names that people type in. That is the second reason why it was wrong. You wrote tonihulkkonen. toNi the ‘n’ instead of m.

      • Ohhhhh. I see. Well, I am at mummi and pappas. I can’t check my email, for obvious reasons…I don’t know the password for my dads email. See, that is why I need my OWN email. Sooooo, like, check this out. : Ä Ö Å.€ Cool hey? Mummi and Pappas keyboard is a finnish keyboard, which just happens to be very strange. So, like, now if you have emailed me, it might be a couple days before I actually email you back.

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