The COOLEST sign


Now I know that the whole school has decided to ski. I will post the coolest ‘street’ sign that I have ever seen right here on this blog. Believe it or not, this sign I found smackdab in the middle of the school yard. Pekka, the Vice Principal made 5 skiing slopes in our school yard; which is rather hilly. I know that you are anxiously waiting to see my most brilliant sign, so here it is:

Don't you love it?

here it is!

DON’T YOU LOVE IT? It is absolutley brilliant Well, that’s it. And btw, wish me luck as I conquer the ordeal of skiing ‘with’ all of the 5th AND 6th grade tomorrow…

Enya stuck in a Finnish winter


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  1. DUDE, FINALLY!!!!!! It took u 4-ever 2 finally put up another post. And, also….. 2-morrow will most likely be a snow day-at least that is what every-1 says. 30 cm of snow…. wooooh. So, like, u say u r stuck in a finnish winter… u r sooo lucky.

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