The Skiing Class…


       Well, surprise, surprise I lived! Actually, PE class was FUN for once. The school ground is soo much easier to ski on than the ground at home. It was really easy to ski there, which made it a lot more enjoyable. Satu, my teacher, let me try some easier slopes, and I tried one slope that the v.p made. BOOM! I could NOT keep my balance! So, for gym I skied for an hour, then I had my special Finn class and then, you will not believe this… I called my dad to tell him we wanted to stay at school and ski! I practised quite a few of the made slopes, And even made it down one of the hardest slope! Our school ended at 14:00/2pm, but we stayed skiing until 16:00/4pm! Anita and me got in a LOT of practise.

   In the evening, I got in a little chat with Jenna and talked for a while with Markus, (in case you don’t know them, they are my cousins from Dad’s side), and bragged off to them that we have 80cm of snow on the ground… After, I took the girls skating (Anita, Angelina, Sarah and Nora), for an hour or so, and on we went home. Yes, yesterday was a busy day. I was probably out for 4 and a half hours total.   On the way home, we stopped to make snowmen. It was the perfect weather for it! Today it is the same. I stayed home from school because I have a cold, and Nora insists that I go out and build a snowman with her. Maybe later… Not now though. I’m going to see if we have any good pictures of the snow. Just wait…

We do have pictures.. many of ICE HOTEL. I’ll post them up on the weekend.

Enya-friend with the skies


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  1. Well, of course u bragged 2 me and Markus. And of course we ‘bragged’ about our (yoo-hoo, excuse my non-existent enthusiasm) ‘snowstorm that gave us all of 15 cm! and closed schools! and was dangerous!and was the worst snowstorm in 5 years! and close schools across southern ontario schools for the first time in 9 yeaars! yay! How retarded. So I went to a friends house yay ya yipee and yahoo, and did a book reveiw! and did math! and helped practise for drama! and went on the computer! and had fun! Okay. Soooo, you have to e-mail me. And OH YEAH!!!!! WHERE WAS THE PART THAT SAID I TALKED TO MY FAVE COUSIN NAMED JENNA HULKKONEN??? (MOST IMPORTANT PART IS FAVE COUSIN)So yeah. Gotta go. On the elipticle. Again. To burn off the rest of the 700 cals. I already did 311. Which took 19 miutes. So. Yeah. Bored. Got. To. Go. So. Bye. I guess.

    • Okay, so I CANNOT BELIEVE I thought 82% was a good mark! Like, oh, my, word, Now if I got an 80 something percent I would start freaking out. If the tens digit does not have a 9 in it, it is not good. (obviously this excludes 100%) Did you know this web page pops up when I type in my full name? (JENNA HULKKONEN) Anyway, I sent you five kajillion million emails already! Just kidding, only like three. In the past two weeks.

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