So I’m not so good at posting anymore…  Anyways, to the point…

 Today is my mother’s birthday. She turned …thirtys..I’m not saying her age for her privacy. Let’s just say she’s old. VEEERRRY old.

And o ya… Happ Late Valentine’s Day to all. By the time you read this… we will have more than 2000 views!! My mom on the other hand, just started a blog and already has 5 followers and more than 200 views. IT’S NOT FAIR! Through her facebook, she let everyone know and her blog got way more stinking attention than mine! Do I sound unthankful? Just jealous cuz she has attracted WAY more peeps to her blog than I did to mine. I’m not mad at her or anything… just jealous!!!!!

Well, I have geography homework and I’m short on time so I haffa go…

‘Bye. Stay tuned and PLEASE give my blog more attention….

BTW, Jenna, is BLOG WARS a better title than ‘WOW’???!!!

Enya… with freezing feet… stuck in a freezing Finnish winter. I wonder if this country remembered how to make summer and spring come. I sure want them to prove it… SOON!

Note: I was supposed to post this yesterday but ran out of time. SORRY ABOUT THAT FANS! STAY TUNED!


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  1. Oh Enya! This planet is big enuf for us both to blog!!! AND I know that you secretly LOVE skiing! He, he… your teacher thinks you are great at it! And that’s a fact. Hugs and stuff. Mamma.

  2. You are hilarious!!! 😀 Keep blogging, Enya! I check in here almost everyday – and I always read your blog first anyway. 😉
    Hugs from even colder Norway! -24C here yesterday, and in the town where we used to live (also in Norway) they had -41C! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! COLD!

      • What?? -31C? So unfair. And here it’s lik, 10… Yup, all the snow has melted. Oh and did my ranting and raving make people FINALLY post comments> Cause i am telling yo, it was bugging the crap out of me… Sorry, I did not check this blog for awhile… and am very glad that you put 2 NEW POSTS UP!!! Awesome. Kay, the boys are going to Virginia with dad. Oh, gotta stop typing, going to mickey d’s.

      • Seriously? 10? WOW! Here we have 70-80 cm of snow still. My friends at school were asking me, ‘So what is the weather like in Canada-where you lived?’ And I told them— ‘probably about 2degrees or something. The snow is probably already started to melt.’ and they were like ‘WOOOOoooooOOOOW!!!!!!’ So ya. That’s it.

  3. I am so upset. Right now it’s like, snowing, and it’s supposed to snow, like 10 inches. As you have probably guessed, it’s a lot lower then 10 degrees. WAIT A MINUTE. You still haven’t REALLY told me about these so called people in your class. Oh, and (BTW) we didn’t laugh at Saska for writing his formal letter. Tommi can say No, Now go and Go, and he shakes his head. How’s Mika doing? I’m writing this here cause it’s more likely that you’ll answer me on this blog thingey.

      • Oh!!!! Finally, an e-mail! Tommi is saying more and more. Oh, funny story! You know that duck costume we have? Well, when we put it on Tommi, he was walking around going ‘guack, guack, guack.’ (His way of saying quack, quack, quack.) Also, he was saying one two three go. Aaah, I just read your e-mail. I’ve never heard of euro vision before… It’s funny how fast kids grow up, you know? The last time I saw Mika, he was 8 months old! And now he’s walking and talking!Man, it’s gonna be so weird seeing you guys again this summer… You’ll be taller, Mika will be freaked out by me, Minna and maybe Nora will be super shy. Maybe even Sarah!Crazy, hey?
        Kay, I’m writing you an e-mail right now…

  4. Okay, now that creeps me out more then anything else. Half his life! 1.5 cm…and I haven’t grown at all, so youre going to be a bit taller on me! Excited? (jk) You know whats dumb? After june 15, tickets to Finland go up to, like, well, check it out yourself. And I cant just leave. I have my grad and my grad trip to go to! Ah well, I still have 4 months to make more . Group routine skipping practise tomorrow, 7:45 am. Yay. I NEED MY BEAUTY SLEEP!!! Anyways, gotta go. Its 10:21 pm here.

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