I’m working on these title thing, and I’m sure today’s title will fit perfectly for it’s purpose. A qucik Finn class:
hiihtolomaa=Skiing Holidays

So, I get to start my holidays a day early. Friday instead of Saturday, but so what? Yesterday was a half day at school-everyone ended at 12. Since Anita starts school at 10 on Thursdays, she had 2hrs of school yesterday!!!

One girl in my class has a very rich dad in Ukraine, and she took a week early on her hiihtolomaa… Why? O, nothing really, her dad was just going to take her on a two week vacation to HollyWood, that’s all.


Nora, Minna and Mika take a reading break.

The trees outside our kitchen window

Isn't it beautiful outside our window?

That’s it!
Enya who finally posted on her blog again!


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  1. Okay. I accidetnly went off this blog, and lost the comment I was writing. Im at school, obviously. Its almost lunch time. Mr. Voy was just talking to me about my movie reveiw I did. It feels weird. Anyways. It’s just me and Evan here. Oh no. Grammer mistakes. (On the movie reveiw.) I am kinda bored, but whatev. Those pics you have up are cute.So thats all.

  2. ‘Remember The Titans.’ We watched in class by the way, so of COURSE I didnt watch it at home. Dont need to worry about that.

    Unless you emailed me, hold on, hmmmm…
    Uh, no. You didnt. Well. Anyway. Thats it. Kay.

  3. It MEEEEANS that I’ll write them.

    Do you talk to Marla in english, or finnish? Hey, I cant seem to find the questions I wrote. Um, anyways…Has Anita written in that diary of hers? Do you guys still use your skipping ropes? What do you guys do to pass the time over there? I guess thats all.
    For now.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. OMG Mika has gotten sooo big since I saw him!!!! same with Mina!!!!!! tell (I think Anita) nice butt! LOL BTW that is soooooo cute I wish i could see you guys miss you so much!

    -Madeline 🙂

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