Skating Season Ending


Well, I have officially almost survived a Finnish winter! Today it was at 0 degreesC. We went skating, and noticed the sign that said ‘maintenance for ice is ending March 8th 2011.’ WHAT? Well, that sure went fast! This week we have our skiing break, and the whole week is going to be mild. Just less than 2 weeks ago it was minus 25! I know that skiing season though, isn’t over.
After the break my teacher has planned a skiing trip for us. We are going to ski around the airport by our school. The total distance will be almost 8km! I think 7.8km or something insane like that! The most I’ve skied at once was 1km. THAT was even difficult. I guess my Hiihtolomaa is going to really live up to it’s name, as skiing is EXACTLY what I’ll be doing!



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  1. Ya know, its funny seeing all these random countries coming on…Poland, Russian Federation, Turkey…
    Its kinda cool, too.

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