Bonehill and Hiihtomaa


Once again I have done a great job procrastinating! Don’t worry though, just take caution. LONG POST AHEAD…

Last friday, we went to Luumäki. (Translated, Bonehill, we went to Bonehill). But Bonehill’s not the point. Why did we go there? Well, first we dropped of our car at some friend’s house. Then, Anita and my dad went some kilometers onto the ice, (they didn’t walk, snowmobile or something), and we walked 200m to another part of the lake. We as in: me, my sibs, (except Anita), mommy, and some other friends of ours. A gang of 13 in total.

Once we got to the lake, the fun began! To go to the lake, we used sleds. The little guy and another baby went in them, and all of our food, skated, etc were in the remaining sleds. The first thing I noticed when we got there was this contraption in a clearing of ice.

     The ‘thing’ was a circle about 10m in diameter that had been cleared off. In the middle of it was a metal pole. Attached so it could rotate around the pole was an (about) 5 meter long wood branch. It was a THICK branch, probably 15cm in diameter. On the other end of the branch was a tobbagon. The tobbagon itself was kind of a sight! It was handmade. The bottoms were circular metal poles, that curved at the front end. On top of the metal poles was some planks of wood that had been screwed on tight. Around the planks, (which BTW are the sitting area, if you haven’t figured it out yet,) is a short railing.  The tobbagon is 150or so cm long, meaning it fits up to 5 small children. (Don’t I sound professional today?) When you push the branch, well, rotate it, around the pole, guess what happens? THE TOBBAGON MOVES RIGHT ALONG WITH IT, CIRCLING THE CLEARED OF AREA AND METAL POLE! That’s what! (really?!)

Does it sound difficult? It really isn’t. But if it is confusing, think of it as the Earth(tobbagon), rotating the sun, (metal pole). Is that better? Here’s a picture to really make it clear:

The whole contraption

The whole contraption-- in motion!

That better? Now, next on the agenda: HIIHTOMAA! Translated: Skiingworld/land/country!

Of course, in hiihtomaa we’re not going to ski or anything silly like that…..

So, hiihtomaa. Tomorrow all of the 3rd graders and up, (to sixth grade) will hop on a bus at exactly 8:45am. Well, maybe on more than one bus, but anyways, getting to the point. We will spend a half hour, 20K ride to hiihtomaa. I don’t exactly know where, but there. We will spend 2 and a half hours or so either skiing( I think downhiil, we don’t have any downhill skis…), or sledding. Anita, Angelina and I will all be going sledding. The hill is supposedly long and somewhat steep. My friend Juulia said that they make a really steep ‘ramp’ in on spot that is almost impossible to go up. But that’s the point. You’re not supposed to be able to go up there or you’ll go whizzing through a bunch of trees. Sound like fun? I’m not answering, I’m just going to say that now you know why they have a ramp there.

That’s about it for now. I told you it was long, right? O, and yesterday was the last day to go skating with a maintained rink. Did I go? I wish, but I pulled a knee muscle. Not exavtly fun, huh?

Ok, now that’s it about Bonehill and- o ya, we also grilled sausages in a snowbank and went sledding and skating for 10 minutes in slush and that’s it. That’s all we did on Friday. Well, we also took snowmobile rides and I went to my friend’s house and ya. Ya. That’s definately it. BYE!

Finally posting again,


And btw, I typed up a total of six hundred fifty five or so words. The end.


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  1. Awesome post, Enya! Sounds like you guys are enjoying the winter activities of southern Finland! THat’s GREAT! 😀 I haven’t been able to do much skiing at all due to too much bad weather, too much work and too much to do inside. But, I hope the weather will be better from now on, so I can practise my skills, cc skiing! 🙂
    Keep posting, really enjoy reading what you’ve been up to! Hugs!!

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