Dear Diary: Theft?


All right, today I’ll write in diary format. It will be easier because I have so much to say…..

Dear diary,

   Last friday was my birthday. I got to stay home from school. Had a blast! Nora and I went out for a walk. When we came back we had dinner. I found my gifts on my chair. A coffee mug, a really cute purse my mom sewed, a candle holder and a cake decorater. I love decorating cakes! Anita also got me an expensive brand glass bowl. Very pretty! We had just started dinner when the apartment buzzer rang. Soon after we heard our doorbell ring. My mom went to open it to find a man in a suit with his hair combed nicely holding a bouquet of flowers that were wrapped up in about four layers of newspaper… They were for me. Beautiful gerber daisies from my aunt and uncle/ Godmother and Godfather and their dog in northern Norway. Thank you Sofia, KG and Bullen!

The day after, Saturday, was my party. That was also soo fun! Me and my friends got to decorate/make our own pizzas, and we popped balloons. The whole morning Anita and I stuffed balloons with wrapped up candies and some with chopped up colourful straws. Some were empty! I turned they into a bouquet of balloons and we each popped some to see what was inside. That was really fun! Saturday was 10/10 if you don’t include my fingers getting pinched in the door-hard! OUCH! My friends sisters and I also played this game, sardines. One person is the sardine and they hide somewhere while everyone else counts to 50. When everyone is done countimng they go find the sardine. Once they find the sardine they hide with her. Last one to find the sardine is the new sardine. We played in our apartment and almost the whole basement of the apartment building! So fun! 

  Saturday to Sunday night I spent at my dad’s cousin Marla’s house with Anita. She is 11 years old. Sunday we were outside quite a bit and then went to church in the afternoon.

Now, monday… I went to school… boring. But it was fine with me! After school I knew that I was going to go fabric shopping with one of my mom’s friends. I knew that was going to make another 10/10 day. WRONG! I mean, the shopping was really fun and going out for a snack with her and my sibs was really fun but….. well, I guess the best thing to do is type it out without using details. I’m to frusterated to write them out. (Sorry for the italics, don’t feel like fixing it. TO MAD!) MY 120EURO CELLPHONE WAS STOLEN!!! I AM SOOOOOOO MAD! ARRRGGGH! I NEED THAT THING MORE THAN ANYTHING! That’s how I stay in contact with 50 or more people! I wrote on my classroom board that ‘To whoever stole my cellphone->if you put it back into my desk I won’t be mad at you. Thanks! t:Enya’ Fair enough, huh?

That’s it!



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  1. I would be just as mad as you are, Enya! It’s so frustrating to deal with having something stolen, you get mad, sad, desperate and after a while all you feel is you just want your thing (phone) back, no matter who did what. Your note sounds nice, but of course everyone wants a thief to get in trouble. Best for you would be if the phone showed up!
    If it was stolen in your school, surely someone saw something and it might end up coming back to you…. Maybe it’ll take a while. sucks..

  2. Oooooooh, wonderful Enya. You just made my bad day even worse! I CAN’T BELEIVE SOMEONE STOLE YOUR PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That was what made my day worse, not exactly the birthday party bit. I was just really sad I couldn’t be there…) Also write a note saying that ‘MY COUSIN NAMED JENNA WILL PERSONALLY COME OVER THERE AND MAKE YOU GIVE MY PHONE!!!!!!!! ‘ JK (Then again, you probably wouldn’t have, so that was a wasted sentence.)
    O.k. Anyway. I got the message. Or messages. Did it sound like someone was saying hello or something? Cause every time someone left a message, they’d be like, ‘hellloooo???’ And it was like, okay. No ones there. Was there something specific you wanted to say? Oh, and, plus, we were travling to Chicago, we left at around 4:00.
    The B-day party sounded waaaay fun…

  3. Heeeeeeeyyyyy…. I’m in geography! 😦 I’m supposed to be dong this poster thingey, so I better go!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your cellphone, Enya! I really do hope that the person who took it will leave it back. Sad that such things happen. Kinda makes me feel bad for the person who did it – what kind of home can such a child come from, if he/she can be a thief at the age of 12-13? Poor kid.
    I really do hope that he/she will regret and give it back to you.
    Loads of hugs!!! Love you!

  5. OMG who would do that sort of thing??I would be balling if that hapened to my ipod!!! well how do you know that someone stole it,it could have just fell out of your bag well hope you find it soon!

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