Update on Life


So, right now I’m nanny in Sweden, baking, babysitting, making dinner(lasagna, yum!), entertaining, etc. You get the point(FUN!). Sadly, I only have 17days left of this pandemonium. Luckily, it is ONLY 21 DAYS until JENNA COMES TO FINLAND FOR 30DAYS! (Or maybe 29 days, not sure, but 30 is better.) It’s been raining all this week so the kids here have been especially crabby and whiny. The parents and I are exhausted from it, and are doing our best to keep up with the discipline for the actions that happen around here… Anyways, you probably want to see how these kids I’m talking about look…



That’s all for today folks, gotta stop a starting fight.



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  1. Ludwig is also good at helping lil’bro, Johan can help out well, once he listens to what you say… I don’t know why that didn’t show up on this post… :-/ 🙂

    • haha, Enya.
      Oh! The reason I didn’t leave a comment yet is because I was in Chicago!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!! Best time ever in my life!!! It was so so so so so so very very very very……awesome. Like, alot of fun. And…stuff…happened…..that I have to tell you about. (Not really to me, but to someone I know really well.

  2. crap crap crap crap crap…………I was supposed to call you! I was going to call you this morning but I had to take a shower, and then I remembered at school, and I didnt know if I was allowed to call you after three in Sweden…Oh yeah, that reminds me….is the time difference still 7 hours now that you are in sweden, or is it still the same?
    Kay, I’ll have to call you tomorrow….Tiia hasn’t even given me the number yet, I’ll ask right now. She’s making cupcakes for Emmis party, (tomorows the last day of school) and I just came in from mowing the lawn.
    OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I forgot to tell you! I got honour roll! or rather I got ON honour roll. I also got the history award, along with Chris.Tomorrows the last day of school, and…………………
    So yeah.
    anyways, I’ll try calling you tomorrow morning, (afternoon for you…) if I can. Also, is it okay if I call right after I come home? I’ll try anway.

    • The time difference is 6 hours now that I’m in Sweden. If you call me at four, then It would be ten here. I usually go to bed at around 1am. Tonight I’m going to try earlier though, because last night there was bad air in my room so I only got 3 or 4 hours of sleep, plus 4hours of deep relaxing/light sleeping. A grand total of about 5 and a half hours of real sleep.

      Not so great. Call me before 5 pm your time.

      • when would you want me to call you? Today I was at Coreys cuz I slept over last night with Isabelle. We got…. exactly as much sleep as you did. Tomorrow is Canada Day……July first!!!!! Which means….12 MORE DAYS TILL I COME TO FINLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I’m excited. I have to start packing soon, though.
        Oh! You sent me an emaiil on Friday???? Someone was looking at it, so I didnt know it was there. Usually my dad moves it to my folder.
        Anyways, send me a list of stuff you want from here, and I’ll try getting some of them.
        okay, I guess thats it.

  3. errrrmmmmmmmmmm……
    as you could tell, I did not call you today…Hmmmm… Shall I call you at five? Ummmm. No.

    Even though you said you go to sleep around one, I don’t want to make your aunt and uncle angry at me.
    (oh, and send me a list. Of things youwant.

    • oh woooow….. I am so stupid!!!! It said RIGHT ON YOUR COMMENT ‘call before five’, so I DID have time to call you.
      Oh well….

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