We have moved in!


Last Wednesday we moved in to our new, 2 story house. Very much more nicer than our apartment.

Pictures of that soon.

This wednesday we are expecting overseas visiters. Anita’s friend Meg, and her aunt Debbie. My mom’s brother and his wife, along with their baby boy are also coming then. On thursday, we have guests from Lahti coming over. A LOT is going on. This weekend I promise to post pictures of the house, my pillowcases, people here, etc. For Now I’m going to be with my cousin Jenna from Canada.


And, readers, sorry for not posting forever! I have NOT been on the computer for more than a week, Jenna came, we moved, summer came… LIFE HAS BEEN HECTIC! ha ha ha.

:mrgreen: 😀 🙂

Stay tuned, many more updates coming right up!

And YES, most of the updates will be longer than this.

‘cuz I know how much you guys appreciate it!’




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