Thursday Update.. of the last week


Our new kittens eating chicken and rice Sky on left Socks on right

The start of my pillow cases… (from my upside down collection… long story short, the pillowcases ARE put on ‘upside-down’)

During the project... finishing photos on my new page (fabrics, cakes, etc..)

And my handy dandy new sewing machine:
sewing machine

Oooohhh aaaahhah!

Here is a picture from the Sandcastle here in Lappeenranta, too!
obstacle course– 6 meters up in the air!!!

This is at the sandcastle. A post about that soon!

And here are the next four posts that will be posted within 2 weeks:
   -Pictures of our house and about the area
   -The start of our school year ( less than 2 weeks!!!)
   -Hiekkalinna stuffs
   And a cake recipe!
K. Enough for now- gotta get to bed!
Enya (The person on that obstacle course!)

2 responses »

  1. Enyaaaaa!!!!!
    Well, I’m in the Sault right now, and my mom isn’t coming till Monday! Tiia is here, since she came with Jessica. Reunion is next week..

  2. Love the kittens! Do you remember Pumpkin? We recently had her shaved, but her hair is starting to come in now LOL

    P.S Say hi to Anita

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