Enya’s Opinion:Finland vs. Canada. Part one


How DO I feel?

Tomorrow is the first day of schol this year. My mind is spinning with the thoughts of seventh grade.

Here in Finland, school is different than it was in Canada. Here, I am going into grade seven. I am starting a whole new school; becoming the youngest of the building. Again. I will go to this new ‘middle school’ for three stinking years, before starting who knows what else. I am going to start building my future. The days and weeks and months and YEARS lie ahead of me…

I think that I have officially labeled myself as ‘NERD.’ or maybe ‘TACKY’.

Anyways, if I was in Canada, I would start eighth grade. My last year of ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! I would then travel to highschool. For, correct me if I’m wrong, four years.

That just seems strange. I think that here, schooling is alot smarter. It is more enjoyable and relaxing. Yet we STILL DO LEARN! We don’t start school at 9am and then end at 3pm. We sometimes start at 8, sometimes 9 or even at 10. Then we usually end at 2. Sometimes we end at noon, or at 1 or even at 3. But we DON’T start at 9 and end at 3. Which I actually enjoy more. I enjoy waking up at a variety of times. Or sometimes go to bed knowing that, even though my homework ISN’T done, I can wake up at the same time as the day before, and still have an extra hour to finish it.

The cafeteria is another thing. Here NOBODY EVER brings alunch. We always have a time when we go to lunch in the cafeteria. NO eating a soggy sandwich at a desk. And if the class goes on a bike trip somewhere, (no schoolbuses here, and parents don’t sign any forms…), the workers in the cafeteria have a healthy take-along lunch made for us.

We never need to worry about a lunch, don’t ride school buses, have a crazy (awesome) schedule, and are, (surprisingly?), supposedly having the best schooling system here in Finland. Ain’t that grand for me?
I just LOVE school here.
But that’s just the opinion of your average finnish student.
No adult influence.
What. So. Ever.

I am reeaaalll tired and need my sleep.

Good night!

– A nerdy


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  1. I wrote this post yesterday night, and I clicked ‘preview’ instead of ‘publish’. But here it is, a day late!
    Miss you all there! And tell me what topics you’d like me to write about. I’d be glad to write it!

  2. I’m glad you like the school here! Good luck in 7th grade, things will get harder now, I promise!! (grade 7 to 9 here is like highschool level), after grade 9 you will continue on to Finnish highschool = quite different from USA and Canada, but we can talk more about that later!! Good luck for now. Mom. πŸ™‚

  3. WOW!
    School sounds awsome over there…..especially the part about waking up at different hours.
    Not on a time schedule. Miss you
    I will have Mrs. Sanford this year. I love her!

    Emily Lehn

  4. Good Luck, Enya!!! You’re a sweet girls who knows how to make your dreams come true. Go for it, girl! Study hard – but don’t forget to take some time off for having fun too.
    Lots of love!!! πŸ™‚

  5. ANOTHER new theme? Girl, you change them like there is noooo tomorrow. Anyways. Glad you love school.
    Kay, I KNEW your mom was PG. SOOO obvious, cuz she made a point to make sure you guys thought she WASNT pregnant. And you guys were so ready. Talking about having a liitle bro or sis for Mika, for a birthday gift. The WHOLE time I was there.
    Anyways, You got your wish, it seems. Babes is due around your birthday, ain’t he? (Or she, but I think it’ll be a boy.)
    Kay, anyways, toodles.

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