School’s started… mom’s pregnant…


… and DUE 2 DAYS AFTER MY BIRTHDAY!!! Always wanted a siblings around my birthday. For my whole life.. MOre tomorrow… And please SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG! I have felt so much like a ‘blog failure’ with never updating. AND I’m always comparing myself to my mom… which she thinks is stupid and it probably is. I just CAN’T help it though. I am too hard on myself.

But, because I am Enya, I try to get my blog more noticed, starting with updating more. I just don’t find it fair that my mom has had her blog up for half the amount as I have had, and has 500(ish) more views than me and like, 17 followers!!! I have 3 or 4 followers, of which one includes me.

I just don’t find it fair, although I am happy for her.

but no more sappy stuff.

I changed my spoonflower account name, and it is now :


That’s all, I really have to get to bed since school starts at eight.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my ‘pity party.’

O, and congrats on #8 mom!

You can crongradtulate her on :

More tomorrow (or next month)…




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  1. Thanks enya, I think your blog is great! Keep up to good work. You have so much going for you, and please don’t compare yourself to me. Duh. 🙂 xoxo mom

  2. I thought I had subscribed to it, but duh…maybe I hadn’t. Even though I’m here a lot! Well, NOW I subscribed – keep blogging!!! 🙂 Love yaaaaaaaaaa!!!! xoxoxox

  3. shni shna shnu? Girl, I love you, you are hilarious!
    good idea, by the way, you putting up more updates….
    (I gave you that idea, didn’t I…hint hint nudge nudge…)

  4. Tja…!

    Were just reading in the Craft and Cackle-blog and found yours 🙂
    Och kul att du håller på att sy m.m 🙂 tack för de söta up-side-down kuddarna 😛
    hoppas kortet från oss har kommit fram?

    Ha det bäst kära kusin!! 🙂
    Bara att maila om du har lust 🙂

    Nina ❤

  5. enyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP MAKING IT NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, high school went great, thx 4 asking. XE has a locker near me. No classes with that person though…
    GOOD THING!!!!

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