First of all, yes. I AM still alive! Second of all, since Jenna’s computer crashed, I don’t know why I’m writing this ‘cuz no one else will read my posts but her…

 (It’s kinda true— I have 5 subscribers which of one is me and one Jenna and one my mom, when this blog has been online for like, a year and a half. My mom’s blog isn’t even a year old and she’s had thousands more views than my blog has, and has about 5 times the amount of subscribers… I compare myself to her alot. She knows it too, and kinda knows that I think people read adults writing more, and care about what adults write a whole lot whopping more than what I may write. Don’t believe me? Look what I just explained about me and my mom’s blogs… [there goes the comparing again…])

Thirdly, I HAVEN’T had much to blog about, or mostly, I’ve been lazy… (yllätys). <-(surprise). Another reason is my school and all of my stoopid homework. (YES, I STILL like school and all, but I get mad that homework is more important than blogging. They should have a rule that says the exact opposite…) Also, I ain’t on the comp a lot! (When I am, it’s email and taking care of my horses on Howrse.com[<-also pretty stoopid]…..)

  Maybe some pictures will be nice, for a change. (Words get boring)

My cheesecake

My beautiful orange and white chocolate cheesecake.My cake that I made for my grandmother's 60years old bahs. Here she is...(in the crown I made for her)Mummi turns 60!

Anyways, I’ve been on here WAY longer than I should, so I have to get off but I’m posting this anyways. MORE in LESS THAN A WEEK!
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