Happy (Late) Birthday to ME!


So, yesterday, Sunday, I turned 14! Yay!

Friday after school, I went bowling with a couple of my friends, and then afterwards we went to Arnold’s, an ‘American’ doughnut shop- bagels, smoothies, doughnuts, coffee, spinnys(Finnish word for Cinnabun)….. I had a muffin.:-) But it was good!

When I got home, I, (NO kidding!); threw a FIT ‘cuz my mom decorated my birthday cake. (I know, I’m kinda a brat…), but she made up for it and let me make ‘kladdkak’ (mudcake), yesterday. So anyways, on Friday I had friends over, and a coupl of them spent the night. I´t was all really nice, and they were impressed with my mom’s anrgy birds cake. I made Angry Birds muffins for my class, btw. My mom already has pictures of it on her blog, but since I made them, I deserve to have pictures of them on my blog too…


And get this—–>


I don’t have a picture of MINE right now, but it is BEAUTIFUL. It is basically the identical twin to this:

made in Finland, 10 year warranty!

Look in my sidebar for the picture:-) I’ll keep it there for a month or so.:-)

Anyways, I have to get to bed….. (boring)







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