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3 years


I didn’t even know, but today is my blog’s 3 year anniversary, and I had made a new blog, the reason why I even bothered to log on… For like, the first time this year… 😀 😉 sorry for not blogging at all for half a year….. But anyways, subscribe to my new blog instead, here !

Thanks, have a great day, bye!

(oh yeah, and you can still read this blog, i just won’t update on it) 🙂 😉




Welcome Back!


I posted in June last. Then fly, fly, fly. There went June. Fly, fly, fly. July- gone. The pace slowed down a touch. f l y , f l y , f l y . Bye August! ZOOM! oooops. September gone. And now. eheheh, The LAST day of OCTOBER! What?! So, I guess I’ll write a little essay.

Hello Fall! Welcome back, blogging season! (Don’t tell anyone, but if you haven’t notice, I tend to be, um, lazy. Especially during the summer…)

So let’s start. June 2nd was the last day of school. Not many days later, I went with my sister, Anita, to Sweden for a couple of weeks. We both babysat in Gällivare, Northern Sweden, at two different houses. And, of course I got to bake- a birthday cake for a girl turning 8!


July, not much happened. Though we did have many vistors for about 2 and a half months strait…Weather wasn’t great, mostly raining, but there were a few good beach days.

August 14th school started. We had had a busy but also relaxing summer. We visited the Maretarium, a fish tank ‘museum’. Many, if not all of the fishes found in Finland, swimming around in large aquariums. We also went to Tykkimäki, and amusement park in Finland, about an hour from where we live. School started off good. We discovered my mom was pregnant again, due end of March. We discovered that my mom miscarried again- no baby in March.

September was two birthdays, and full fledged fall.  We also gave away the rest of our kittens- now we (only) have the two mamma cats!

October came, and the tempurate gradually started to drop. The cats got fleas. arg. But we got them away.

And, my mother and I have had an INCREDIBLE trip to northern Norway, to visit my mom’s sister, husband and adopted son. The mountains, fjords, cool trees… It was BEAUTIFUL! The trip was really nice, and I am still so, so, SO thankful that I got to go! Thank You mom and dad!!!!<3<3<3 I’ll post pics of the trip some other day. 

Two more birthdays in the family- plus snow! We have had ‘winter’ (snow and below freezing tempurature) for a week now. Many cars wiping out on slippery hills. Now we have 1ocm of snow on the ground, and my siblings are pumped! It is also a ‘con’, because my dad needs to finish the siding on our house. He works and comes home and works until dark. I hope, hope, hope  and pray, pray, pray that it gets done soon, and that he gets paid enough for us to have a nice Christmas. ❤

Today we had ‘Hallowe’en’ – a treasure hunt which led us to my mom with candy. It was fun for the little ones, and I admit for me too;) Mika has started to potty train, the day after his Birthday Party. So it’s weird for my mom and all of us to not have ANYONE in diapers! But also kind of nice. School’s been going good, and I have had good numbers.




How has your fall been?

I’ll (try) to post pictures soon.



Salutes from Snowland!




So, it’s been over two months since last time I posted… But I needed the break- so busy life here!  We’ve had visitors let and right, Sky had 2 kittens of which one died… School… (Last day on Saturday!!!!!!!!)

Oh, yeah. And morw pics on my new blog….. (see last post)

I’ll post the angry birds cupcakes there:-)