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okay, so I HAVEN’T put the jopo or angry birds cupcakes pictures up yet, but I’ll do that soon. ūüôā

If you did, though, notice, my new widget on the sidebar and are wondering what it’s for, let me tell you.:-)

WordPress has all these different charities that you can choose from to support- andall you have to do is post the widget to your sidebar. When someone clicks on it, they support that charity. So, I chose to help girls in poor areas of Africa get an education. So, get on my blog everyday and click the widget to support the girls! ūüôā <3;-):-D

Pictures on Wednesday- this week or next:-)


Happy (Late) Birthday to ME!


So, yesterday, Sunday, I turned 14! Yay!

Friday after school, I went bowling with¬†a couple of my friends, and then afterwards we went to Arnold’s, an ‘American’ doughnut shop- bagels, smoothies, doughnuts, coffee, spinnys(Finnish word for Cinnabun)….. I had a muffin.:-) But it was good!

When I got home, I, (NO kidding!); threw a FIT ‘cuz my mom decorated my birthday cake. (I know, I’m kinda a brat…), but she made up for it and let me make ‘kladdkak’ (mudcake), yesterday. So anyways, on Friday I had friends over, and a coupl of them spent the night. I¬īt was all really nice, and they were impressed with my mom’s anrgy birds cake. I made Angry Birds muffins for my class, btw. My mom already has pictures of it on her blog, but since I made them, I deserve to have pictures of them on my blog too…


And get this—–>


I don’t have a picture of MINE right now, but it is BEAUTIFUL. It is basically the identical twin to this:

made in Finland, 10 year warranty!

Look in my sidebar for the picture:-) I’ll keep it there for a month or so.:-)

Anyways, I have to get to bed….. (boring)








Okay, so I haven’t blogged for wait… more than a month, is it???!!!

I guess I owe some pictures to the people that read my blog… So, this post is, (surprise, surprise…)



Valentine’s Day cupcakes… (Me and Anita made)

Valentine's Day Cupcake

Valentine's Day cupcake

¬†(Notice the large size of my photos… slurp…

Cake for the new princess, Estelle

(raspberry whitechocolate cheesecake- my own recipe…) slurp.


Crown made of fondantish kindof stuff. (yum)


Look good? It ain’t the last of the cheesecake..

Cheesecake for my cousin’s baptism…


A Mocha Cappuccino Cheesecake... yum!:)

So ya. My cousin…

Little cousin Eeli

If you are interested for the recipe for the actual cake, I’ll give it to you. But what I did is I coloured it blue, pruple and pink. First I poured the blue, then in the middle of it purple, so I had two circles, and pink in the middle for the thirdcircle. I used a toothpick to turn the pink into a flower…

Noras Birthday Cake‚ô•

I got fillings ready while the cake was in the oven.¬† When the cake was cool, I cut it in three. (WARNING- COLOURFUL. Nora wanted a fairy cake…) I’ll let pictures take over. There was about 2dl raspberry and 2 dl blueberry. The total amount of whipped cream used was about 5dl whipped.


-rotate if possible-


So, after this you take a dinner break…

After the dinner break, whip up about 1-2 cups of buttercream icing. This is for decorating. The little figure thing I made b4 hand, and I have to say, I am QUITE PROUD with my cake!!!! <3<3<3

You’re Welcome that I made the picture full size:-)

Happy (belated)Birthday, Nora!

That’s me in the backround with the beautifukl blue apron on- thanx Sofia!


Well, I hope to blog again soon!


































An Explanation…


Okay, an explanation¬†SO sorry that I haven’t been posting, but our computer crashed, I was travelling, and when we got the other laptop with the broken screen running again and hooked up to another screen, the computer has been in use SO often that I haven’t had much time on it for myself AT ALL!


Now, I am on the school computer, waiting for two of my younger sisters to finish school, which they will do in half an hour. Since I am on the school computer, I don’t have any pictures and I can’t post any!

During the Christmas break I did sooo much stuff, and I’m ESPECIALLY thankful that I could make it to G√§llivare for the Christmas meetings! It was sooooo nice, and the weather was fine. I met and re-met a BUNCH of family, and made several new friends.

¬†¬†¬† I came home, and for New Year’s we had many visitors, with a total of around 45 people, (that includes us.) Some of our friends shot fireworks, and I spent the night at my one friend’s house.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

                   We went to bed at 4:30 am and slept until 11:15. We left at noon to a nearby Pizzeria, with her younger sister and her friend, on two bikes. By the time we came back, we were STUFFED and had to get church clothes on right away and leave to church.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† We visited some friends in Lahti for a baptism and from there we went to visit and stay at some other friends’ house in Lammi for two nights. (Lahti is about 2 hours from us, and Lammi an hour 45.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I (also) baked two cakes, (pictures will be up), during the break. I hope to make a ‘Cake post’, where all the pictures I have of cakes that I made the past year are displayed.

                      We have some, (in North Americanstandards, tons), of snow here now, that has come just in the past week. (About 20cm- 8inches.)

                         Well, my sisters will be done school very soon, and I gues I should go. This first week back to school has FLOWN BY!


Post to you soon,




Tomorrow is Lucia!


Tomorrow we( my family, my school, Finland…) will¬†celebrate Lucia, a special celebration and tradition.

¬†Here’s the story:

Lucia was a martyr, and her ‘job’ was to bring food and goods, and take care of poor and Christian people hiding during the Roman Empire Diocletian. She would try to bring as many things as possible at once, using only her two hands, but needed light to see, as well. She fixed this problem of not seeing, by wearing a wreath of candles on her head, as her light to guide her to the people. The Roman Empire thought she was a witch, and had her burnt to death around AD303.

The tradition is, that the oldest daughter in the family will wake early in the morning of December 13th, and bring coffee and buns to her family. She is dressed in a long white gown, (just a plain dress, nothing fancy), with a red sash wrapped around her, representing Lucia giving up her life, and a crown or wreath of candles, like Lucia did.

Today Lucia is celebrated in schools, at homes, and Sweden even has a¬†lady be Sweden’s¬†Lucia, in¬†the country of¬†Sweden’s Lucia celebration!¬†

This celebration¬†happens in all of Europe, but especially in Scandinavia, on December 13th. Why on December 13th? Well, if I understand right, Dec.13th used to be thought of as the longest day of the year, and because of that, it is the day that is used to celebrate Lucia’s life and what she did. This celebration isn’t necessarily for a ‘certain’ religion, but it’s more like a traditional event, celebrated for it’s sentimental value.

Here’s a picture of OUR family’s Lucia this year, Angelina!


Angelina Lucia

Angelina Lucia

Lucia usually has a ‘group of maidens’ (right words?) following behind her, and they all sing for their ‘audience’ or the people they are visiting.¬† I don’t have time to put pictures of OURS today, I will tomorrow after school, if I have time! ( I have to be AT school tomorrow at 7:30, to practise for our school’s Lucia……. :-))
Here’s a link to a video of Lucia, from Sweden. (The most famous for celebrating Lucia country…)
So nice!

The night is dark now

‘Round house and cottage

Round Earth that Sun forgave

Shadows are lowing



Then in our house we see,

White robed and light in hair,

Sankta Lucia,

Sankta Lucia



Then in our house we see,

White robed and light in hair,

Sankta Lucia,

Sankta Lucia








Random Stuff



(Tomorrow Finland turns 94! [Dec.6th])


RaNdOm PiCtUrEs

Anyways, It’s quarter after eleven pm, so I should REALLY get to bed. √Ą√Ą√Ą√Ą√Ą! Mom’s coming! (jk.)


‘K bye!