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Simba- Sky’s kitten that died.

Nappi (button)- named Button because of it’s little white dot on it’s neck:-) Alive and healthy 2 week old kitten:-) Socks is due in about a week.


Nappi- Button (Nappi means Button in Finnish)





I’ll keep you all posted:-)Enya;-)


quick update


okay, so I HAVEN’T put the jopo or angry birds cupcakes pictures up yet, but I’ll do that soon. 🙂

If you did, though, notice, my new widget on the sidebar and are wondering what it’s for, let me tell you.:-)

WordPress has all these different charities that you can choose from to support- andall you have to do is post the widget to your sidebar. When someone clicks on it, they support that charity. So, I chose to help girls in poor areas of Africa get an education. So, get on my blog everyday and click the widget to support the girls! 🙂 <3;-):-D

Pictures on Wednesday- this week or next:-)



Okay, so I haven’t blogged for wait… more than a month, is it???!!!

I guess I owe some pictures to the people that read my blog… So, this post is, (surprise, surprise…)



Valentine’s Day cupcakes… (Me and Anita made)

Valentine's Day Cupcake

Valentine's Day cupcake

 (Notice the large size of my photos… slurp…

Cake for the new princess, Estelle

(raspberry whitechocolate cheesecake- my own recipe…) slurp.


Crown made of fondantish kindof stuff. (yum)


Look good? It ain’t the last of the cheesecake..

Cheesecake for my cousin’s baptism…


A Mocha Cappuccino Cheesecake... yum!:)

So ya. My cousin…

Little cousin Eeli

If you are interested for the recipe for the actual cake, I’ll give it to you. But what I did is I coloured it blue, pruple and pink. First I poured the blue, then in the middle of it purple, so I had two circles, and pink in the middle for the thirdcircle. I used a toothpick to turn the pink into a flower…

Noras Birthday Cake

I got fillings ready while the cake was in the oven.  When the cake was cool, I cut it in three. (WARNING- COLOURFUL. Nora wanted a fairy cake…) I’ll let pictures take over. There was about 2dl raspberry and 2 dl blueberry. The total amount of whipped cream used was about 5dl whipped.


-rotate if possible-


So, after this you take a dinner break…

After the dinner break, whip up about 1-2 cups of buttercream icing. This is for decorating. The little figure thing I made b4 hand, and I have to say, I am QUITE PROUD with my cake!!!! <3<3<3

You’re Welcome that I made the picture full size:-)

Happy (belated)Birthday, Nora!

That’s me in the backround with the beautifukl blue apron on- thanx Sofia!


Well, I hope to blog again soon!